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The Chicago Tribune reports when Mars Inc. pulled the plug on its short-lived Ethel's Chocolate Lounges in the Chicago area this spring, some read it as a sign that recession-weary consumers have little appetite for reclining in plush purple chairs, eating hand-painted truffles and dipping strawberries in gooey, hot chocolate fondue.

Think again, says newfound chocolatier and small business owner Debra Jenrette.

The former owner of an office equipment firm believes there are plenty of stressed-out folks looking for a little pampering. So, after a yearlong crash course in the art of chocolate -- visiting all manner of luxury chocolate boutiques, working in a handmade -chocolate plant and tasting "more chocolates than you can imagine" -- Jenrette took the plunge. She purchased New York-based Anna Shea Chocolates & Loungefrom its Finnish namesake founder last month and is relocating its headquarters to a South Barrington shopping mall. (Shea is married to Jenrette's nephew, Tim Shea.)

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